You've booked a new client? Way to go!  Create a project (or multiple projects) from your lead record and we'll automatically populate information into your new project.

When you’re in the lead record, select the “Create Project from Lead” gold button in the top right corner, and the system will begin the process of adding the event to your project dashboard.

You can also scroll down to the PROJECTS section of your lead record, and click on the gold plus sign.

What information gets brought into your new project?

We'll use the following information to pre-populate fields to help you create your new project (so you don't need to enter everything in all over again):

  • Lead Planner (we automatically assign the person who is creating this project as the lead planner, but you can always change the lead planner at anytime)
  • Event Date
  • Location
  • Timezone
  • Guest Count
  • Budget Total 

We'll also bring over: 

  • Notes (we'll create a new PLANNER ONLY note within the notes tab of your new project)
  • All Information from this lead record (which you'll find in the CLIENT tab within each project - so you can easily access contact information, proposals, quotes, contracts and invoices you've already sent, and access to these features to send additional proposals, quotes, contracts or invoices. 
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