Once you've added line items to an invoice, you have the option of adding tax to some or all line items.  We'll walk you through it in this short video tutorial:

Prefer step by step written instructions? Here you go!

To add taxes, scroll down towards the bottom of the invoice, then click on the gold +add tax link

Next, update the tax rate / percentage. 

Then, click on the $0.00 that you see, just to the right of the tax rate you just added. 

This will open a menu that includes all the line items included in this invoice, where you can select the line items that should be taxed at this rate. We'll automatically calculate the tax on these items for you and add the taxable amount to your invoice.

You can also add other percentage based fees, such as delivery or set up fees in the same way, just follow these same steps, and click on the word TAX to change as needed.

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