Free listings include a basic (but beautiful) business profile that includes the following, PLUS a few extras! Scroll down for all the details.

Hero Image

Choose a brand defining image that will speak to the type of client you’d like to attract. This hero image will also appear as your cover photo in our marketplace.

Profile Photo

Whether this is your smiling face or your company logo, your profile photo adds a personal touch to your listing.

Vendor Categories

We consider whatever it is that you do as a wedding professional to be your vendor category – free listings include just one vendor category.  If you offer services that span more than one vendor category and wish to appear in additional vendor categories, we recommend that you upgrade to an Enhanced of Premium Listing.


Your market (or markets) define the areas or locations that you service and determine where you appear in location based search results on Aisle Planner.  While you can list all of the markets you serve on your listings, if you have a free listing, you’ll only appear in one market in search. If you’d like to appear in more search results, we recommend upgrading to an Enhanced of Premium Listing.

Available For Travel

Simply checking off this box lets your prospective customers know you’re willing to travel outside of your market.

Company Description

Your company description is a great way to introduce your company to the world in a short paragraph or two.

Featured on The Aisle Guide

If your beautiful work has been featured in a real wedding or styled shoot on, up to twelve of your most recent features will appear on your listing. You can also submit your best work to be featured on Aisle Planner or The Aisle Guide through our easy-to-use Submissions Tool.


Reviews are a great way to boost a prospective client’s confidence in you and your services, and they are included for all of our free listings. Our review manager empowers you to quickly and easily keep your reviews updated by your most recent clients.

Lead Management

Track all of your leads and the important information related to each lead in one place with Aisle Planner's Lead Manager. Learn more about the three ways you leads can be added into your lead manager HERE

What are the benefits of upgrading to an enhanced or premium listing? 

  • We'll remove competitors in your area from your listing 

  • Higher placement in search results = more visibility for your business

  • You'll be able to showcase more of your work with image and video portfolios

  • You can specify morel markets (locations) that you'd like to appear in search results for.  

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