The wedding industry is an ever changing market and sometimes figuring out where to advertise your wedding business can feel like a shot in the dark. Finding and connecting with the couples who need you in their lives can happen in one of a seemingly thousand places but you know what? Not all marketing channels are created equally.

As a wedding pro, you need more than just a listing that helps you connect with couples. You need the proposals, quotes, and contracts to book them, the invoices and online payment platforms to secure your deposits quickly, and the planning tools to manage every last detail for each of your weddings. That is why we are so excited to introduce wedding vendor listings to our already powerful suite of wedding planning and business management tools!

Setting up your listing is easy, we'll show you how in this short video.  Prefer written instructions?  Scroll on down for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:  Start By Customizing Your Listing Domain

To access your vendor listing, click on Listing in the menu of your Planner Dashboard. Then, kick things off by customizing your listings domain. (You’ll find this under your organization name that appears in the center of your screen.) Enter something simple, like your business name, so it is not only recognizable but better optimized for SEO. (We know that there are businesses out there with similar names, so we recommend getting in on this first.)

Step 2:  Complete Your Business Profile

After you’ve customized your domain, go ahead and complete the rest of your business profile.

Add Images

  1. Drag and drop an image that best represents your style in the hero position at the top where it says “Welcome to Your Listing Manager!”
  2. Drag and drop either your logo or headshot into the profile position (the round image spot directly underneath the hero image)

: Use a high resolution image for your hero that is at least 1200px wide. You can also crop your hero image to 900 x 375px to make sure the image appears how you want it.

Step 3:  Enter Business and Contact Information

Note that you can leave any areas that don’t apply to you blank and they will not show in your published profile.

  1. Enter the address for your business (You can enter an exact address or a city/state.)
  2. Enter a contact phone number if you want one published
  3. Set your price range
  4. Add a business description that includes an introduction of who you are, what services you offer as well as a bit about your personality!
  5. Enter your website domain
  6. Add in your social profile links

Pro-tip: Copy the unique tail from your social media domains and paste them in the corresponding fields. For example, you would copy the bolded tail end of this Instagram URL

Step 4:  Define Your Markets and Services

Next you’ll want to define your markets, categories, and products and services so potential clients know what vendor type you are, what services you offer and where. To add a market, category, product or service, simply click on the + sign you see next to the section title.

  1. For markets, lookup your location in the modal that opens. As you type, a list of tagged locations will appear below the text box. Select the correct one and click You can repeat this process up to 5 times.
  2. For categories, select the vendor category or categories that apply to your business in the modal that opens. You can select up to 5 categories.  (We’re adding categories all of the time, so if you like to request a specific one, please contact us here.)
  3. For products and services, simply enter in a name and description for what you’d like to include in your listing and click Done when finished. You can add up to 12 products and services to your listing.

Pro-tip: Order your markets, categories, products and services with the most important one at the top of the list to ensure that is appears in your profile regardless of what plan you are on.

Step 5: Build Out Your Portfolio

Now to everyone’s favorite part – building your portfolio! You can create up to 12 image or video based portfolios that showcase your style and expertise - the number of portfolios shown will depend on your plan type. To add your first portfolio, simply click on the + that appears to the right of Portfolio and select the portfolio type (image gallery or video).

For image galleries:

  • Give the portfolio a name and description
  • Drag and drop the images you’d like to include onto the page (You can add up to 40 images)
  • Reorder the images within the gallery to tell a story by clicking on the Reorder Images gold button. When you do, a modal will open and you can simply drag the images to reorder
  • Select a cover image. When you hover your cursor over an image, a Set Cover Image button will appear

For video portfolios:

  • Give the portfolio a name and description
  • Enter in the url from where the video is being hosted (ex. YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Upload a cover image

Pro-tip: Don’t limit your portfolios to just images from your weddings. Feel free to upload brand videos, video tours of your venue/property, portfolios that showcase your favorite bouquets – whatever! Don’t be afraid to get creative!

After you’ve uploaded your portfolios, reorder them with your most impressive at the start! To do this, make sure you are on your listing’s set up page (the main page where you can see everything) and simply drag the portfolios to rearrange them within the portfolio section.

Step 6: Preview and Publish Your Listing

You can preview your listing while you’re working through things or when it’s complete. To see what it looks like as a premium, enhanced or basic listing, simply click the option that you see towards the top right of your profile page.

Once you’ve gone gaga over how good it looks, go ahead and click the box next to “Publish Listing” that you see in the upper right of your profile. While it won’t truly be live just yet (we’re giving all of you pros early access to perfect your profiles before the launch of our full marketplace) be sure to publish it so it’s ready to go!

Things to Note About Vendor Listings

  • Make sure your services are up to date in your account since they will appear in your lead capture form. You can see detailed instructions about how to manage them here.
  • Be sure to set up your auto-responders so couples quickly get more information from you after inquiring. You can see detailed instructions about how to set them up here.
  • Have you had work that has been featured on Aisle Planner? Shoot us an email at and let us know. We’ll tag your listing in it so it shows in your profile.
  • You can also request reviews from past clients and vendors that you've worked with. Any reviews are automatically posted to your listing.  You can learn more about how to request reviews in three easy steps here

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