If you've been featured in a Real Wedding, Styled Shoot or tip article on The Aisle Guide, we’d love to properly credit your work and connect this featured story to your listing!

Contact us through the messenger below or email us at publisher@aisleplanner.com and let us know the following information:

  1. Your Company Name

  2. The Title of the Real Wedding, Styled Shoot or Article

  3. Your involvement in the feature (for example, “I was the floral designer for this event”)  

  4. The URL or link to your published listing on The Aisle Guide

Once we linked your credit, your featured story or article will appear in the FEATURED ON THE AISLE GUIDE section of your listing.

Don't have a published listing on The Aisle Guide just yet? Learn more about how to create and publish your free listing in your Aisle Planner account here. You can also learn more about Aisle Planner's marketing features here.

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