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🎥 Requesting Reviews through Aisle Planner
🎥 Requesting Reviews through Aisle Planner

Video Tutorial: Request an online review by email in a few simple steps!

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Love 'em or hate 'em, Online Reviews are an important part of any wedding pro's marketing toolkit and play a big role in attracting new leads AND converting those leads into booked clients.

Over 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a decision to take the next step, and studies have shown that listings WITH online reviews are more effective than listings without.

With the potential to boost you reputation (and boost your booking rates), it's more important than ever to build your online presence and help potential new clients get to know you better with online reviews - and gathering reviews on Aisle Planner is easier than ever.  Learn everything you need to know in this short tutorial:

*Please note: Some of the screens shown in this video have been updated and may look a little different, but we think you'll still find the information in this tutorial super helpful!

Need step-by-step instructions? Follow the steps here! 

To send a review request, start by:

  1. To access your Reviews option, click on the Marketing tab, of your Pro Dashboard.

  2. Once you are there, click on the gold Add Review button towards the top left of your screen. A form will open for you to enter in the name of whomever you are requesting a review from, their email contact, and a message. 

  3. Enter in your request directly into the form just as you would if you were sending them an email. 

  4. Click “send request” and it will land in their email inbox!  When the recipient opens the request and clicks through to complete it, they will be able to type in their review as well as give you a rating.

You’ll receive an email notification once the review has been completed (it will automatically publish to your listing) that includes a link to respond to it. 

We recommend taking the time to respond to every review you receive – even if it is just to say thank you!

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