We know how important it is to get your work published because we’ve walked in your shoes. As a team of wedding professionals ourselves, we fully understand the need to showcase your work in order to market your business and connect with potential clients.

Aisle Planner's publishing platform allows you to showcase your work, build your brand, and connect with couples who are looking to hire a pro – just like you!

Your Publishing Dashboard

Access the Publishing Platform by clicking the “Publishing” link you now see in the main header of your Pro Dashboard. Once you do, you’ll be taken to your Publishing Dashboard  where you can create and manage all of your submissions.

Once you’re work has been published, you’ll start to see analytics such as Views and Saves in your Publishing Dashboard. These numbers allow you to see which of your submissions are getting the most love. You can also easily send links to your published submissions via the share link you see off to the right.

Submit Your Work In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Upload your images

Directly upload up to 60 images from your computer. No need to spend time renaming files to get them in “story order” because you can easily rearrange your images once the upload is complete!

You can learn more about our submission requirements here.

Step 2: Provide a title and an introduction

Provide our editors with a title, a short description, and a few details about your submission. Don't worry about being fancy, our editors will help finesse titles, subtitles and feature introductions.  

Step 3: Provide vendor credits

We always want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due so we’ve made it easy to share the vendor information.  All you have to do is enter all the business name, website, and contact email for each of your creative partners. And please know that the email will only be used to notify the vendors that the publication has gone live!

Step 4: Submit

Preview your submission and click “Submit!” We’ll take care of the rest!

“Where Does My Submission Get Published?”

Our Publishing Platform was developed to help you put your work in front the clients you’ve booked and the ones you haven’t just yet. So, your submissions get published to our Inspiration Gallery, which also feeds our Image Gallery and Design Studio. Just like you always have, you and your clients can search and save images to your style guides; only now, they can easily save images of your work to their style guides, and learn more about the vendors behind each image and feature!

Take a peak at this featured styled shoot over on aisleplanner.com (and a big thanks to Aisle Planner Holly Gray of Anything But Gray Events for submitting this bright and beautiful hot pink wedding inspiration at the Fig House in Los Angeles!)

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