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For Couples: Finding Inspiration for Your Wedding on Aisle Planner
For Couples: Finding Inspiration for Your Wedding on Aisle Planner
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Everyone gets excited about designing their wedding and that’s why the Aisle Planner Design Studio and The Aisle Guide's Inspiration Gallery are some of our favorite tools (aside from the checklist, of course!).

Things to know about our Design Studio

  • Create Style Guides and color palettes to organize all of your ideas

  • Save images to your Style Guides by dragging and dropping images directly from your computer

  • Easily share style guides with vendors with just a few clicks

  • Add notes and comments on each photo so you can remember why you saved it

Pro tip: No matter what your style, you’ll find some of the best wedding inspiration over on The Aisle Guide. Why? Because we have a global network of the best professional wedding planners out there contributing their work to our Inspiration Gallery!

Sharing Your Inspiration with Your Vendors

Once you are ready to share it with your team of vendors, you can send it via PDF download or shareable link.

Sharing your style guides and design inspiration is easy, all you have to do is click on the share icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen and:

  1. Select any color palettes you want to include

  2. Choose which style guides you want to include (whether it is one or many)

  3. Attach any notes you want to include

  4. Choose whether to Download Design PDF or Send Email with Share Link

Things to know about our shareable link

  • Even if you update images in the style guides the link will stay current

  • Any notes you attach will always appear first in the shareable link or PDF

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