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Making The Most Of Your Listing on The Aisle Guide
Making The Most Of Your Listing on The Aisle Guide

We took a look at the top performing listings on The Aisle Guide and came up with these simple tips to help you get booked.

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While there’s a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to booking more clients, there ARE things you can proactively do to improve your chances of getting booked when it comes to your listing on The Aisle Guide

We took a look at The Aisle Guide's top performing listings and came up with tips and updates that you can make to your listing on The Aisle Guide to help you get booked!


If seeing is believing, then there's nothing that showcases your work more than your portfolio. Clients want to see that you have experience with high quality events, so portfolios filled with quality photos show clients that you are a professional with a portfolio of event experience.

Create portfolios to showcase your favorite real weddings and styled shoots, or think outside the box and create portfolios of work you've done at your favorite venues, portfolios that showcase the different services you provide or the type of work you want to do more of!

Video Portfolios

Having a video (or multiple videos) on your profile will make you four times more likely to get booked. Videos give clients insight on what you are all about, and allow them to get a sneak peek at what you could bring to their events. 

Consider including highlight videos of your favorite weddings or a brand video - you might even want to consider sharing a video of your work behind the scenes or a video or two of you sharing your knowledge and expertise.  Get creative!


Listing your service in several vendor categories is a great way to gain more exposure (as long as those categories actually represent what you do). Listing in multiple categories can drastically improve your booking numbers.


Good reviews help you build trust with future clients as well as improve your standing on Aisle Planner. And if you're just getting started and don't have any reviews on your Aisle Planner listing just yet, don't worry -  good reviews lead to more good reviews - and we make it super easy for you to request reviews from past clients and other vendors you've worked with. Learn how to request reviews in this short video tutorial.

Just getting started?  

Setting up your listing is easy, we'll show you how here!

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