We asked our Editor-In-Chief, Taylor Cusick Hollman, to share with us five tips on best practices when it comes to submitting your work on Aisle Planner.

Get Permission From Your Clients (and Photographer too!)

You want to make sure that the couple will be excited about seeing their faces on the internet rather than having to ask that the feature be taken down. To make it easier for you, consider adding a photo release in any contracts you enter into with clients. Here is an example statement (but please have your contract and photo releases reviewed by your legal counsel):

“Upon signing this contract, all images shared by the photographer, videographer and others of the wedding or event, may be used by Company for marketing purposes.”

Tell a Story

We want to hear the story behind your submission! Tell us (and don’t forget – tell the audience) about the design inspiration, your process, any unique details or just how much freakin’ fun you had working with the couple and/or your creative partners! This doesn’t have to be a novel but should be at least a short paragraph. Need some inspiration? You can check out any feature in our Inspiration Gallery.

Spreading the Word

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and said to yourself, “Hey! I worked on that wedding!” There are lots of people who work on a wedding or a styled shoot that can end up submitting the event for publication – which is great – except when you find out 3 days after the feature went live.

That’s why we built the email field in the credits section of our Publishing Platform. We encourage you to take the time to enter email contact information into the “email address” field so that everyone who was involved in the event automatically knows the feature has gone live! No more need to spend the time notifying all of your creative partners about a feature – we’ll take care of that for you!

Wondering what else we do with those email contacts? Nothing. Nada. And zip. Any contact information you enter in our Publishing Platform is solely for the purpose of notifying the vendor about the feature and nothing else…ever.

Have you been featured on Aisle Planner?  Don't forget to grab a badge and of course, spread the word!!

Credit ALL of the Vendors - Including Yourself

Speaking of the creative team, don’t forget to credit yourself! Whether you credit yourself as the Event Designer, the Wedding Planner or both, don’t overlook this important step. The whole point of submitting your work is to get your name and work out there, right?

Never Stop Submitting

Even if you've already been featured on Aisle Planner (or maybe your prior submissions weren't published), we encourage you to keep submitting!  More submissions equals more opportunity to get featured, showcase your work and build your brand on the Aisle Planner platform.

Learn more about all the ways you can featured on Aisle Planner. 

Find out how to submit your real weddings and styled shoots through our publishing platform here.

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