Is there a venue you create floor plans for over and over? Or did you just create an amazing floor plan that you know you will want to store and use again for a future event? With Layout Templates, creating and storing floor plan templates is easy so you don't need to reinvent the wheel each and every time you design a new diagram.

Creating a venue template from scratch

Click on the Business Settings Icon menu, which you'll find towards the top right of your Pro Dashboard and follow the steps below!

Step 1:
Click on the Templates tab towards the top of your screen and select the Layouts option, which you'll see on the left.

Step 2:
Click on the gold Add Venue button and name your venue.

Step 3:
The first thing you'll want to do is give your new template a name for future reference. Naming your templates is important, so you won't have any challenges finding the right template that you need down the road. You'll also want to add a description and perhaps some key search terms so you are able to find the type of layout based on a variety of different criteria.

Step 4:
Using the Draw tool, select Image and choose the layout you wish to upload in either PDF, jpg, or png formats.

Step 5:
Once your venue's floor plan is in place, in the Shape menu, go ahead and set the scale. After setting the scale, we recommend locking it in place to minimize accidentally moving it around as you design your layout on top of it either here as you work in your template, or after you import the layout into your project. To lock your uploaded floor plan, click to select your floor plan, and then lock it within the Shape menu. 

If you need to adjust or move your floor plan backdrop while it's locked, just double click to select it and move as needed.

Step 6:
At this point, it's recommend you click Done in the upper left corner to save a blank template and then create a copy of the blank template to create additional templates for specific layout configurations you use often. Some different configurations may be based on the following criteria:

  • Guest count

  • Round tables v. long tables v. mix of both types of tables

  • Type of event (ceremony, cocktail hour, plated dinner, mix and mingle reception, buffet, corporate, etc.)

To create a copy of your layout, click on the double pages icon to the right of the layout template you wish to copy.

From there, rename your template and edit the description and keywords:

After you create your layout, click Done. For information on how to create layouts once a venue's floor plan has been uploaded, click here.

Pro tip: You can organize your layouts in anyway you like. Feel free to organize by Venue Name or within each venue by simply dragging and dropping your layout templates to where you'd like them to appear.

Creating a venue template from a layout created in a project

While there isn't a button to click to add a layout to your templates automatically, the good news is that we'll be adding this feature as we continue to build out and refine our newest feature!  

Here's a helpful tip and a work-around to save that layout you spent so much time creating!

Copy & Paste
We've built in helpful keyboard and mouse shortcuts (click here to see the complete list) that we know you'll love, and one of our favorite keyboard shortcuts is the copy and paste feature!  If you have a layout that you'd like to replicate (whether it be to reuse a venue layout from another wedding or event or even within the same project to create different versions or variations) simply select all (or just select the elements you'd like to copy), then copy and paste it into a new venue template (see above for step-by-step instructions).

For Our Apple/Mac Users

Copy = command + c
Paste = command + v

For Team Microsoft 

Copy = control + c
Paste = control + v

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