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Introducing Our Updated Submissions Tool
Introducing Our Updated Submissions Tool

You can easily submit your real weddings & styled shoots for a chance to be featured on The Aisle Guide

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You tell the story of your brand every time you execute a beautiful wedding from start to finish. As your biggest fans, we strive to amplify your story and help you get your work in front of your ideal clients. Get ready to increase your reach and streamline your marketing. We’re excited to announce the official release of Aisle Planner’s new and improved Submissions Tool. Directly within your account, you can easily submit your real weddings and styled shoots for a chance to be featured on the industry’s premier destination for couples—The Aisle Guide. Say goodbye to time-consuming submission processes. We refreshed this tool to simplify and maximize our community’s user experience and save you time! Let’s jump into the Submissions Tool updates so you can start showcasing your stunning and unique work to future clients.

Real weddings and styled shoots housed on The Aisle Guide, serve as inspirational imagery, stories, and proof of concept. Couples come to The Aisle Guide seeking inspiration and the perfect planners and vendors for their big day. That’s where you come in! As an Aisle Planner pro, you have access to tools that are seamlessly connected in one stylish, intuitive, and user-friendly way to book clients, manage workflow, design, plan, and now easily submit your work to be featured!

How to Submit Your Work

When you log into your Aisle Planner account, you’ll find the Submissions tab at the top navigation menu. You’ll be taken to the introductory page, where you can read a brief intro, click on the Publishing & Submissions Help Center for any of your submission questions, browse through the Submissions Guidelines on the top right corner, and lastly, add a new submission.

Submissions intro screenshot

You’ll be prompted to add a submission title and you'll have the opportunity to choose between a real wedding or a styled shoot. Once you add a title and select your submission type, click “Start Submission.” You will then enter into Phase 1 of the two-phase submission process.

Create new submissions screenshot

Phase 1

This is the pitch phase. Provide your abbreviated story, key details, and photos to give us an idea of your product. We’re looking for content that is inspirational and realistic, diverse, and welcoming to all couples. Read Publishing Best Practices to learn more about what we’re looking for. We’re mindful and respectful of your time and energy, so we’ve made this process easy to follow even if the submission isn’t ultimately accepted.

1. Basic Information

  • Submission title

  • Wedding/styled shoot date

  • Brief description

  • Has this been featured elsewhere?

Phase 1

2. Upload Your Images

  • Minimum of 20 and maximum of 60 images

  • High resolution .jpg/jpeg images only

  • No watermarks or borders

  • Drag and drop images or browse and upload

Pro Tip: With the “Reorder Images” feature, you can reorder images in chronological order of events or move them around to see what order looks best. This view allows you to see how you want to tell the story and fill any gaps that are missing by adding or deleting images.

Reorder screenshot

3. Review & Submit

You’ll be asked to read and agree to Aisle Planner’s Content Submission Agreement. Then you can “Save” or “Submit.” If you click “Save,” your submission will be saved as a draft, and you can view and edit it on the Submissions Dashboard.

Submissions Dashboard

After you've submitted your work, you'll receive a thank you message and our editorial team will review the submission. If chosen, our editors will move the submission into Phase 2. We value your time, so if it’s not a match or we need more details, we’ll always let you know. We encourage you to keep submitting your work!

Thank you screenshot

Phase 2

In Phase 2, we’ll ask you to provide more information and details about the event. You will then be prompted to provide the location and include all vendor partner information (name, website, and email addresses.) This has a significant networking impact. Not only are you promoting your business, but you are also highlighting other pros who made the day possible. Once you submit your work in Phase 2, you can come back to edit your submission and check its status at any time in the Submissions Dashboard. When we publish your work, you and your vendor partners will each be notified via email with the link so you can see it live on The Aisle Guide. Don’t forget to grab a Featured on The Aisle Guide Badge—you’ve earned it!

Benefits of Submitting Your Work

  • All account holders, both org owners and org members, can submit real weddings and styled shoots through the Submissions Tool.

  • Submitting your work is faster and easier than before with the refreshed Submissions Tool pitching phases.

  • This feature allows for enhanced communication between you and the editorial team throughout the submission process. You’ll get direct feedback from the editors.

  • The links to your published work will also appear on your Marketplace Listing on The Aisle Guide under the “Featured on The Aisle Guide” section. This allows you to showcase your best work in front of potential clients looking for pros for their special day.

  • Whenever you want to share your published work for your own marketing purposes, create backlinks on your website, or make referrals, you have a library to acquire the links.

  • Featured events are marketed to couples and shared on The Aisle Guide’s social media platforms and email newsletters.

  • Future clients can get an idea of your skill, style, and the kinds of budgets and vendors you work with. This Kenya Marries Mexico real wedding is rich with culture and gives clients a glimpse of what these vendors care about and what they can accomplish for them.

Thank you for sharing your one-of-a-kind work and expertise with us. We appreciate the time it takes to submit a real wedding or styled shoot, and we can’t wait to review and showcase your amazing work!

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