Creating A New Contract

To create a new contract, head on over to your new client's lead record, and scroll down to the documents section, then click on the gold plus sign.  The Add Document menu will appear, with the option to create a new document from scratch, or create a document using your templates - select the option that works best for you.  

PRO TIP: While you don't need to create a contract template to send your first contract, we highly recommend taking the time to set up your contract templates, so that you can send contracts quickly and easily for all of your future bookings. Learn more about creating contract templates here.

Renaming Your Document

Once you've created your new contract (especially if you're using a contract template), the first thing you'll want to do is to rename your contract so that you can easily find this contract within your documents tab using the search feature.  If you don't take the time to rename your contract, all of your documents will look exactly the same in the documents view and differentiating one client's contract to the next may be challenging. 

We recommend adding in your client's last name and/or event date before your contract name. For example:  "Smith-Jones 081119 - Full Service Contract"

Adding / Managing Signers

If you're creating this contract from scratch, be sure to set the Document Type to Contract and be sure that your Signature Requirements are set to Signature and Countersignature. 

If you're using a contract template, it doesn't hurt to double check that these settings are in place. 

If you've created this contract within a lead record that already includes a full name and email address for your lead, we'll already pre-populate your lead as a signer, and you'll see their name appear in the Who Will Be Signing This Document section.  If you don't see their name, or if you need to add additional signers, click on the gold Manage Document Signers button and add the name and email address of each party (or additional party) that needs to sign on behalf of your client(s).

Finally, if needed, confirm that the person from your organization that should be designated as the countersigner of this contract is correct in the Who Will Be Countersigning This Document section. If this contract requires a countersignature, we'll automatically designate the org member who created this contract as the countersigner, but you can update as needed by choosing a different countersigner from the drop down menu.

Editing Your Contract

Even if you've started this contract using one of your contract templates, you'll still need to take the time to update the content.  Click on the gold EDIT button towards the top left of your screen, and then click into the document to edit the content as needed.  

Once you're done editing the contract, we also recommend that you take the time to Preview and Print (or just view as PDF) to be sure that everything looks just right, and that page breaks are where you want them.

Sending Your Contract / Requesting Signatures

Once your document is ready to go, send it off for review and signature - click on the gold action (arrow) button towards the top right of your screen, and then select the Send option from the drop down menu.  From there, you'll want to personalize your subject line and message (email templates, coming soon!) and then hit send.

Collecting Signatures and Getting Notified

After you’ve sent the document off, the recipient will find a beautifully branded email (with your logo, not ours) in their inbox, along with your custom message and a link to View Document. 

When the recipient clicks on the link to view their document, the contract will open in a new tab, where they can review the contract and electronically sign your contract, right on the spot.

Once Your Clients Have Signed The Contract

Once your client (or clients, depending on how many signatures you've requested) have signed the contract, you’ll receive both an email and in-app notification, letting you know that the document has been signed and prompt you to countersign. Click through either the email link or the in-app notification to be taken to the document viewer, where you'll be able to scroll to the bottom of the document to digitally countersign this contract.

If you're looking at the document within Aisle Planner, but don't see an open/clickable field to countersign at the bottom of the document, click the gold arrow to the the top right of the document, and then click 'Countersign.' This will open the document viewer - just scroll down to the bottom of the contract and type in your counter signature.

Please note, the countersign option will only appear if all parties on behalf of the client have signed this contract.

Once All Parties Have Signed The Contract

Once you've countersigned the contracts / all parties have signed, everyone who has signed will be notified by email and will be provided a link to view and print/save the executed contract.  

Within this respective Lead Record in your Lead Manager, the contract status will automatically change to "Accepted" and you'll always be able to find/reference the signed contract there. 

Within the Documents tab, this contract will move from the Current tab to the All tab.

Updating or Adding An Addendum To a Signed Contract

Once a contract has been signed, you won't be able to make further changes to the signed contract.  However, you can always make a copy of the contract, make your revisions and resend the updated contract for signatures.

To make a copy, navigate to the contract and click on the gold action button towards the top right of your screen.  Select the Create Copy option from the menu, edit as needed, then follow the steps above to rename your contract (for example, you may want to replace copy with Version 2), add document signers and resend.

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