To download your guest list from your guest manager, you'll first want to pull up the guest list for the specific event that you'd like to download (especially if you're managing the guest list for multiple wedding-related events, such as the rehearsal dinner in Aisle Planner)

Use the drop down menu towards the top of your guest manager to select the event.

Next, click on the gold export button that you see towards the top right of your guest manager.

You'll see three different download options to choose from:

Final Guest Report

The Final Guest Report is a PDF report that includes:

  • Total counts for Confirmed Guests (and a total count of guests you're still awaiting a response from)
  • Total meal counts for each meal (if you're tracking meals in Aisle Planner)
  • List of guests, in alphabetical order by last name along with the table they are assigned to, their age (adult, child or infant) and meal selections (if you're tracking meals in Aisle Planner) and any special considerations that should be noted (if they're in a wheelchair, or if they need a highchair as well as any food allergies)
  • The guest list by table, including roles, meal selections and any special considerations
  • A list of all guest parties, and total count per family


The VIP list is a PDF report that includes

  • Names of the guests on your guest list that you've assigned a role to, such as wedding party, immediate family members, and other VIP guests
  • Their email addresses
  • Their phone numbers

Guest List Spreadsheet

The Guest List Spreadsheet is an Excel (or Numbers) download that includes two separate tabs for each of the events you're tracking guests for in this particular wedding:  one for all individual guest for that event, and another for all guest parties for that event.

The Guests Tab Includes the Following Columns:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix
  • Role
  • Age
  • Gender
  • List (A, B or C list)
  • Response 
  • Needs Highchair
  • In a Wheelchair
  • Out of Town
  • Guest Group
  • Table Assignment 
  • Seat #
  • Notes

The Guest Parties Tab Includes the Following Columns:

  • Names (First, Last, Title and Suffix)
  • Formal Addressing
  • Each Guest's Name In a Guest Party, Including Children or additional guests
  • Total Guests in Each Party
  • Out of Town status
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Guest Group
  • List (A, B or C)
  • Whether a Gift Has Been Received
  • Whether a Thank You Has Been Sent
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