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6 Ways to Earn Referral Rewards
6 Ways to Earn Referral Rewards

Here's some great ideas on ways you can share your Aisle Planner Refer a Friend Link!

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Over the past few months, we’ve released A LOT of highly requested features, and that has helped turn Aisle Planner into much more than just a set of wedding planning tools – now it is truly a powerful business platform for all wedding professionals. And, we have been so graciously humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have been getting about how Aisle Planner has changed the way each of you does business!

So, in the spirit of sharing, we were excited to share more about our Refer a Friend program so that you could help spread the word about Aisle Planner and earn a $25 credit to your own account for each referral you send our way. We'll also give your referral 25% off their first 3 months!

Here's 6 easy ways to share your Aisle Planner Referral Link:

Use the “Share on Facebook” Button

We designed our Refer a Friend link with a Share on Facebook button because, if you can’t share it on a social network, does it really exist? You can share your link directly to your Facebook profile by simply clicking on the button you see on your Refer a Friend page.

**Remember, to access your custom referral link or code simply log in and click on your name that appears in the top right menu bar. From there, you’ll click on Refer a Friend to find everything you need.

Share an Instagram Post

Love Instagram as much as we do? Take a picture of yourself working on Aisle Planner and share it with your network. From there, you can either mention your unique referral code in your caption or update the active link in your profile with your Refer a Friend link.

Share an Instagram Story

Going to be honest here, I was hesitant to hop on the Instagram Story train when they first released the feature. I mean, it was kind of hard to accept the fact that I would spend time creating content that would literally disappear after 24 hours. But, after playing around with Stories over the past few weeks, I’ve come around.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic medium for storytelling, education, and behind the scenes action. So, take a short video of yourself using Aisle Planner or talking about how it has changed your business. Share it in a Story and include your unique Refer a Friend code so people who watch it can grab it from there.

**Pro-tip:  The ideal Instagram Story image size is 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels tall. If you are creating assets to share outside of the Instagram app be sure to size everything properly.

Reach Out to Your Favorite Vendor Friends

In addition to a built in Share on Facebook button, we also gave you the ability to send an email directly from the Refer a Friend page. Simply type in the email addresses you’d like to send your link to (separated by a comma, of course), customize the message, and click send!

Have hundreds of vendor contacts and don’t know where to start? Go through your Contact Library and pick your top 10 vendor friends who you think could benefit from using Aisle Planner and go from there. Remember, you earn $25 in credits towards your account for every new paying subscriber you send our way!

Have a resources page on your website? Write up a short testimonial about your experience with Aisle Planner and share your referral link or code. Grab our logo or branded images to give the listing some visual interest.

Write a Blog Post

If you have a steady content calendar, consider writing a post about Aisle Planner and sharing it on your blog! You can always repurpose content from our blog or get in touch using the messenger below to collaborate with our team.

Share it With Your Professional Groups

Are you a part of different professional groups or communities? When appropriate, share your referral link or code at networking events and in your online group pages, or set up mini-forums and invite people to ask you questions about AP.

**Do you attend a lot of in-person events? Contact us through the messenger below or email us at  if you’d like us to send you printed promo cards to write your code on to pass out at the industry events you have on your calendar!

The team here at APHQ works hard every day to continually design and build the tools you need to do your job well and do it seamlessly. And, we wouldn’t have come as far as we have if it weren’t for our community! Aisle Planner is what it is because of the amazing network of wedding professionals that continually inspire us to keep pushing and to keep dreaming.  

We have some fun things coming your way – thank you for being on this journey with us!

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