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An Intro to Templates

Learn more about the templating options in Aisle Planner

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The best way to save yourself some serious time and streamline your workflow is to set up your custom templates in Aisle Planner. Templates are also a great way to personalize everything from your checklists to budget and set up time saving assets that you can use and reuse over and over again.

Curious about what kind of templates can you create? Here's the list!

  1. Project Templates

  2. Timeline Templates

  3. Notes Templates

  4. Style Guide Templates

  5. Layout Templates

  6. Document Templates (Brochures, Proposals, Contracts & Questionnaires)

  7. Product & Quote Templates

  8. Invoice Templates

  9. Lead Checklist Templates

  10. Email Templates

How to Create Your Custom Templates

Step 1: To access your templates, head on over to your business settings, which you'll find behind the SETTINGS icon toward the top right of your account.

Step 2: Once you've landed in in your settings, click on the TEMPLATES tab towards the top of your screen to access all of our template options.

Step 3: Next, toward the left side of your screen, select the template type and then follow the prompts to create your templates. There you have it!

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