As a business owner, having a strong content marketing strategy can help you grow your brand’s audience. But, creating content and crossing your fingers that it is going to do something isn’t going to give you the returns you want. Tayler Cusick Hollman and Two Bright Lights' Manager, Meghan Brown, teamed up in this webinar to help you build a strong content marketing strategy for your wedding business!

Some of our favorite highlights from this webinar:

03:42 - What is content marketing & why is it important for your business?

09:33 - Where should you publish your content & how do you get it out there?

14:29 - Diversifying your content portfolio using different publishing channels

17:07 - Resources for building a solid foundation for your content strategy

20:30 - Great resources for stock photography

21:00 - Tips for writing, overcoming writer's block & working with a copywriter

23:45 - Tips and solutions for graphic design to support your content

24:56 - Resources & tools for submitting your work & stories for publication

31:06 - Setting a schedule for distributing your content

35:30 - Planning & managing your content calendar

39:40 - Being intentional about your content strategy

42:30 - Always remember to give credit where credit is due

45:20 - What not to do when it comes to writing & publishing content

46:40 - Great ideas for finding inspiration for content

47:18 - How to not lose steam


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