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Setting Due Dates & Automatic Reminders on Checklist Items
Setting Due Dates & Automatic Reminders on Checklist Items

Due dates and automated task reminders help you and your clients stay on track when it comes to getting things done on time.

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Setting due dates to checklist items help you (and your clients) stay on track when it comes to keeping each project moving along and completing tasks on time.  

To set a specific due date on a checklist item:

Click on the checklist item that you'd like to assign a due date for. Then, click on either the time frame or due date (your checklist will show one or the other, depending on how you have your checklist set up at the template level) towards the top right hand side of the checklist item. 

Next, select the due date from the date picker (calendar) that appears - be sure that you have the correct YEAR selected.

Once you've selected a due date, you'll see the option to set a reminder (or multiple reminders).  Add and edit reminders as needed (we recommend setting at least 2 reminders - one at least 1 or 2 weeks before the task is due, and another the day before the task is due.  

A few things to note:  

  • Reminders will be sent to person designated as the project lead AND whoever the checklist is assigned to. 

  • Checklist items with specific due dates are automatically synced to your calendar (did you know you can also mark checklist items as complete from the calendar as well?)

  • You can always update due dates and reminders as needed - just repeat the process above.

  • You can clear a due date if needed and return it to the general time frame guide by clicking on the CLEAR DUE DATE link beneath the date picker.

  • If you change the date of a project you will automatically be prompted to update the project's checklist due dates. Please see the next section below.

Automatically Update Project Checklist Due Dates when Changing an Event Date

When you update the event date of a project, you will be asked if you also want to update that project's checklist due dates. If you click, "Yes," all due dates will be automatically updated. If you choose "No," all the due dates will remain as is.

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