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Editing Checklist Categories

Learn how to add, edit, delete and reorder checklist categories from your checklist.

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Adding A New Checklist Category

To add a new checklist category, click on the gold ADD CATEGORY button towards the top left of your checklist and enter in the title for your new category. This will add a new category at the top of your checklist - but you can always drag and drop categories to place them in the order you'd like them to be shown.  

TIP:  Be sure that you're in CATEGORY VIEW to see this option (if you're in DUE DATE view, click on the gold VIEW OPTIONS button towards the top right of your checklist to switch views)

Deleting An Existing Checklist Category

Hover over the checklist category you'd like to delete, then click on the gold trash can icon that appears to the left of the category. Please note, if you delete a category, all related checklist items in that category will also be deleted. 

TIP:  If you don't want to lose these checklist items, we recommend that you drag and drop them to a different category in your checklist BEFORE deleting a category.

Reordering Checklist Categories

To reorder categories (and all the tasks related to that category), click and drag and category up or down to the location you want.  

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