Aisle Planner's Design Studio includes a powerful set of tools to help you define the vision for each of your project or events. Our Director of Customer Engagement, Meghan, walks you through creating style guides and color palettes, and reviews everything from adjusting client permissions on style guides and sharing the design studio with vendors outside of Aisle Planner.

Don't have time to watch the entire webinar? Here are some helpful shortcuts!

0:54 - Creating New Style Guides and the 3 ways to add images
1:31 - Adding images from Aisle Planner's Inspiration Galleries
3:44 - Deleting images from a Style Guide
5:05 - Deleting Style Guides
5:30 - Creating Color Palettes
7:30 - Client Permissions: Team Member Only Style Guides, Read-Only Style Guides
8:15 - Reordering Style Guides and Images in the Design Studio (feature coming soon)
9:14 - Creating Style Guide Templates (feature coming soon)
10:35 - Saving images from one style guide to another (or one wedding/project to another)
11:20 - Sharing style guides + color palettes + notes with anyone outside of Aisle Planner
15:15 - Great Ideas for Using Style Guides - Mood Boards, Venue Recommendations,  and more...
15:50 - How to add images from Pinterest
18:18 - Adding sketches and layouts to Style Guides
19:07 - Using comments on images in Style Guides to communicate with clients

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