As event professionals, we rely on visuals to share ideas, inspiration, and options. How we organize and present visual inspiration and designs can help us successfully pitch these ideas.

Here you will find just a few of these ideas on how to make the most out of Aisle Planner's project Style Guides to keep you looking like an organizational hero. 😎

  • Drag and drop to group similar style guides to keep topics organized.
  • Want to share venue options with your client by arranging them based on which venues best meet their criteria? Or, what about walking your client through the tablescape design selection process? We think presenting options based on the order in which decisions should be made would make a lot of sense. Drag and drop style guides in the order in which you'd like your client to view them.
  • As you are working through the planning, just (you guessed it!) drag and drop the order of style guides to pull the topics you’re currently working on toward the top. For example, if you’re currently working on stationery, go ahead and drag and drop all those related style guides to the top for easy access.

And, while we don’t have the capability to move around or reorder images within a style guide just yet, we totally agree—this would be a great feature to have! Stay tuned! We look forward to adding this feature down the road!

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