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Sharing Style Guides, Color Palettes & Notes with Vendors Outside of Aisle Planner
Sharing Style Guides, Color Palettes & Notes with Vendors Outside of Aisle Planner

To share inspiration & information, you can email, print and save PDF's to anyone outside of Aisle Planner

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There are two ways to share Style Guides with vendors (or anyone for that matter!) outside of Aisle Planner - you can send a private link or print/save your style guides as a PDF. We'll walk you through each option below!

To Send a private link directly from Aisle Planner:

Step 1

Visit the design studio, then click into the style guide you'd like to share, then click on the gold share button towards the top right of your screen.

Step 2  

If you'd like to share additional style guides, color palettes or notes along with the style guide you've selected, you'll see additional + options in the modal that appears - click to add as needed.

Step 3    

Click SEND EMAIL WITH SHARE LINK and complete the form - be sure to include an optional message, introducing what you are sharing and why.

Step 4

The recipient(s) will receive an emailed invitation and a private link to view and download what you’ve shared. They’ll also be able to return to that link at any time, to see updates you’ve made along the way.

To Print or Save a PDF and email separately outside of Aisle Planner:

Step 1    

Follow the instructions above, but rather then selecting the SEND EMAIL WITH SHARE LINK option, select the PREVIEW AND PRINT option.  

Step 2    

Select the PRINT option towards the bottom right of the preview and follow your web browser's prompts to print or save as PDF.

Sharing Color Palettes & Notes

You can also email, download and print color palettes and notes in the same ways as mentioned above, directly from each tool! Just click on that gold action/arrow button towards the top right of your color palettes or notes tab. 

Sharing, Printing or Saving PDFs From Color Palettes:

Sharing, Printing or Saving PDF's From Notes:

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