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🎥 Tips for Making the Most of Aisle Planner’s Timeline Feature
🎥 Tips for Making the Most of Aisle Planner’s Timeline Feature

Video Tutorial / Webinar: In-depth walk through of the timeline feature

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As wedding pros, we know how a perfectly mapped out timeline can ease the stress of orchestrating a hundred and one details. We also know how important it is for you to be able to easily create and share your timelines with your clients and vendors - whether it be throughout the planning process or in final prep for the big day. 

So within each project or event, you'll find a timeline feature, where we've made it easy to create a timeline that you can detail to your heart's content.  In this webinar, we review all the bells and whistles of Aisle Planner's timeline feature and give you ideas on to make the most of this helpful feature!

*Please note: Some of the screens shown in this video have been updated and may look a little different, but we think you'll still find the information in this tutorial super helpful!

Don't have time to watch the entire webinar?  Here's some helpful shortcuts:

1:40 - Creating timeline templates
9:20 - Creating client filters at the template level
11:30 - Adding page numbers to your timelines
13:17 - Creating a new timeline in a wedding or project
14:00 - Bringing in a timeline template into a project
14:49 - Deleting timeline items
14:55 - Changing or combining dates on your timeline
15:48 - Including Vendor or Important Information at the top of your timeline
16:23 - Changing the name of your timeline
16:37 - Adding additional dates to your timeline
17:04 - Adding one timeline item at a time from a timeline template
17:58 - Formatting line items using the gray dot
18:15 - Adding responsible parties to timeline items
19:35 - Primary timelines vs. Filtered Timelines and creating Client or Vendor Filtered timelines
22:55 - Creating additional timelines for an event
24:20 - Dragging and dropping timelines above the first date on a timeline
24:54 - Adding TBD and time spans for timeline items
25:23 - Reordering or changing times on a timeline
26:10 - Adding details beneath each timeline item

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