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🎥 Creating Custom Timeline Templates
🎥 Creating Custom Timeline Templates

Video Tutorial: Create timeline templates for all the different types of weddings or events you plan.

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You can customize our existing default timeline to create your own template to import them into any event in Aisle Planner. You can create as many timeline templates as you’d like, for the different types of events you plan.

To create your timeline template:

Visit the Business Settings Icon menu towards the top right of your pro dashboard, then click on the Templates option. Once in templates, you’ll see the Timeline option towards the left. 

*Please note: Some of the screens shown in this video have been updated and may look a little different, but we think you'll still find the information in this tutorial super helpful!

Once you've clicked into the timeline option, you'll see two types of timelines that you can create:  Wedding Timeline Templates and Event Timeline Templates.  


Wedding timeline templates will only be visible as import options within projects that are  "wedding" projects that you create in Aisle Planner.  

Event timeline templates will only be visible as options to import into a project for "other" projects that you create in Aisle Planner.

Select the timeline type that you'd like to add (wedding or event) and before you do anything else, rename this template, so you can easily reference your timeline when it’s time to import it into a project.

To customize this template, click the gold EDIT TIMELINE button on the left. 

To create client filters for your timeline, click on the gold EDIT FILTERS to the right.

Once you're done customizing your timeline and timeline filters, click the gold DONE button on the top left when you are finished.

Now that you’ve set up your timeline, you’ll be able to import your wedding timeline templates into any wedding in Aisle Planner, and any event timeline templates into any events in Aisle Planner!

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