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Creating Additional Timelines for An Event

You can create as many timelines as needed within each project

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Why might you want to create additional timelines?  

  • Your out of town client is coming to town for a whirlwind tour of venues and vendor meetings and you need to create an easy to follow schedule that you can share with your clients.

  • You’d like to create an extensive timeline for the rehearsal dinner and keep it separate from your primary timeline

  • You’d like to build out the hair and makeup schedule separately from the timeline to share with the wedding party. 

For all the reasons above (and we're sure many more) you can create as many timelines as needed for an event.

To create an additional timeline, click on WEDDING TIMELINE (or just the TIMELINE option that will be shown for your non-wedding events) towards the top of the timeline, and select ADD NEW TIMELINE from the drop down menu. 

Then, enter in the name of your new timeline and you’re set!

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