Aisle Planner's suite of project management tools were designed to help you plan and manage all of your projects in just one place, so whether you're working on a wedding, event, business marketing plan, rebrand or office redesign, you can manage it ALL in Aisle Planner.

Follow these steps to add a project:


Click on the CREATE PROJECT button toward the top left of your screen. You can also create a project from a lead.


Select the type of project you'll be working on (Wedding, Non-Wedding Event, or Other Project).


Choose a template based on your project type. Quick note—Once you’ve created a project, you won’t be able to change your template, so if you're just getting started and haven't set up your templates just yet, we definitely recommend that you take the time to create and customize your project templates.


Fill us in on the details of this project and once you've entered in all the information, and a project cover photo, and disable any tools you won’t need for this project. For example, you may not need the budget for a month-of planning client, or if won't be making use of the timeline, you can choose to disable our timeline tool. To disable any tools, just uncheck them. You can always return to this project’s settings to enable tools should you need them down the road.  


Click Create and you've just added your first project.

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