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The Aisle Planner Story

As wedding and event pros, we wanted a good solution that would keep us organized, impress our clients & encourage productivity

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From the moment we opened the doors to our wedding consultation and design firm more than 20 years ago, the search was on to find the most comprehensive, efficient way to manage our business and with that, each wedding.

From meticulously prepared three-ring client binders filled with custom Word documents and complicated Excel spreadsheets to modern-day online project management tools, we tried every possible way to find a comprehensive solution that would keep my team and I organized, impress our clients and encourage productivity in an online workspace we loved to work in. In those long, invigorating days of dreaming, creating, and endless inspiration, Aisle Planner was born, and we set out to create the perfect solution for a wedding pro's every need.

We wholeheartedly thank you for your interest in Aisle Planner, and we hope that it proves to be the solution you too have been searching for to streamline your business, easily collaborate with your clients, and efficiently manage every detail for every event.ย 

We promise to stay clear and focused on our original mission โ€” to serve and support wedding professionals as business owners, to share your work and your stories and to celebrate the one thing we have in common โ€” our passion for the wedding industry.

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