Each event or project we plan from start to finish holds such a wealth of information and definitely a few lessons learned. So when we created Aisle Planner, it was important to enable you to access details from past events. Aisle Planner’s ARCHIVE feature is a great way to keep handy information from past weddings, events and projects at your fingertips!

To archive an event or project, visit your planner dashboard and hover over the event you’d like to archive.  You’ll see an Archive option appear.  Click to archive!

Archived events don’t count towards your Plan limit, and although they are read only, you can still access the valuable information you’re looking for, like which vendors you worked, or what past clients may have spent on certain things.  You can even download items as needed, like the budget, style guides, your vendors list, vendor files, price lists or invoices that you had saved within an event.

You can always UNARCHIVE events to restore them as an active event.

Before You Archive A Project

Once you archive a project, your clients will no longer be able to access to it, so before you archive a project, we suggest that you download anything your client might need after the wedding:

  • Guest List Spreadsheet (for thank you cards)

  • Vendor Contact List (for thank you cards)

  • Budget (always nice to have)

  • Any Notes Your Client May Need to Reference

We also recommend letting your clients know in advance that you'll be archiving their project, and give them ample time to download any information that they may need from their account.

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