You can always edit your client’s names, project name, event date, event location, event timezone, estimated guest count and currency for any of your events. You can access the Settings menu for any project from both your pro dashboard, as well as from within each project. 

To Change the Event Date From Your Pro Dashboard

From your Pro Dashboard, hover your pointer over the event or project you’d like to edit and click on the gold Edit Settings link that appears on hover.

Edit the client’s names, event date, event location, timezone, estimated guest count  or currency preference here, then click the Done to return to your Pro Dashboard.

To Change The Event Date From Within Your Project

You can also access this Settings menu to make updates from within each project.  Just click on the three dots towards the top right of your screen.

Automatically Update Project Checklist Due Dates when Changing an Event Date

When you update the event date of a project, you will be asked if you also want to update that project's checklist due dates. If you click, "Yes," all due dates will be automatically updated. If you choose "No," all the due dates will remain as is.

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