What they are, how to use them and how to hide them if you don't need them!

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The RSVP # is automatically assigned to each guest part when that party is created, and was intended to be used as the RSVP number (the number you might write in the corner of an RSVP card to assist with tracking responses) and not the total parties invited. We provide a count of the parties invited (and total guests invited) in the EVENT INFO & DETAILS section of each guest list.

Changing or Resetting RSVP #s

Changing the RSVP # is currently not an option at this time, as we don't want to chance mixing up RSVP numbers once invitations have been sent.  

We look forward to adding the ability to reset your RSVP #s down the road.

Why Does the RSVP # Start at 101?  

That number is completely arbitrary, but we agree, it would be better to start the RSVP ID's at #1. 

We look forward to making this update down the road! 

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