Messaging Your Guests Through Aisle Planner's Guest Manager
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To send a message to guests, click into an event and then on the Guests tab in the main menu. You’ll see two tabs just under your main menu: Guests and Messages.

Click the “Messages” option that you see. 

Next, click the New Guest Message button that you see in the upper left hand corner of your screen. 

A message screen will appear that defaults to an online rsvp message type; click on the arrow in that is to the right on “Online RSVP” and you can select message.

The next step is to select which guests you want to send a message to. Check the boxes next to all of the events that would apply and then click New Message. 

Additional detail options will appear. Set your filters; the options are:

  • All guest

  • Confirmed guests only

  • Guests who have not responded

  • Out of town guests

Pro-tip: You can click on the View Recipient List button to see who will be receiving the message and spot check that all of the information looks correct. You'll also be able to spot any guest parties that are missing an email address!

Customize your subject line and message and then click on the reCAPTCHA box to confirm your humanity – then you can click send to email your guests!

Sending Follow-ups and Checking Message Views

You’ll see a dashboard of all drafts and sent messages under the Messages tab in your Guest Manager. So, if you want to send a follow-up, click into the message thread, make any updates to the message settings and filters, customize your follow-up message and click Send!

To see which guests have viewed the email, click into the message thread, click into the message (which you will see under the Message History section at the top of the window), and then click on the View Recipient List button. You’ll be able to see who viewed the email in the window that opens.

Ideas for Messaging Your Guests

Need some ideas on what you might use our Guest Messaging feature for? Here's some examples to get you started!

  • Sharing travel and accommodation information with out of town guests

  • Sharing destination, travel and accommodation information for destination weddings

  • Sharing the link to your wedding website

  • Letting your guests know about last minute changes

  • Sending a quick message to guests before the wedding, letting them know how excited you are to see them soon!

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