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Adding & Tracking Meal Selections

Easily track guest meal selections by adding meal options to your event in our Guest Manager

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Adding Meal Selections to an Event

To add meal selections to an event, visit the Guest Manager for the event you’d like to add meals to, then follow these steps!

✓ STEP ONE: Select the appropriate event from the drop down menu towards the top of the screen (for example, you may want to add meals to the rehearsal dinner.)

Select the EVENT INFO & OPTIONS button towards the right to open the Event Info & Options menu. At the bottom of this menu, click ADD to input the meal selections you will be offering your guests to choose from, such as “Chicken” or “Steak.” Don’t forget to add vegetarian options as well as children’s meals as needed.

Tracking Meal Choices

You can track meals in both the event guest list manager or in the RSVP Summary page.  

Once you've added the meal choices to the event you are tracking by taking the steps above, simply click on the drop down menu and choose the guest's preference.

If you've already add the meal choices to event you are tracking, you can easily choose the meal each guest has chosen when you receive their RSVP.

Be sure to view the guest list as individuals so you can keep tabs on who is eating what as well as any dietary restrictions. To change the view, click on CHANGE VIEW in the upper right hand corner and select INDIVIDUAL GUESTS.

Pro Tip: To quickly add the meals of all guests in a guest party, be sure you sort the RSVP # column. All guests in one party will have the same RSVP ID. In addition, if you have the list sorted by RSVP # and need to find a specific guest by name, instead of sorting by the guest name, use your browser's search function fo a quick search and find (Mac: CMD +F / PC: CTRL+F). Meals associated with an event will appear to the right of that event.

Viewing the Final Meal Counts

Once you’ve added your meal selections and RSVP’s (along with guest’s meal choices) you can return to the EVENT INFO & OPTIONS menu for an update on the current status of your guest list as well as current meal counts.

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