Creating Brochure Templates

Make a great first impression with custom brochures in Aisle Planner!

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A "brochure" in Aisle Planner can be anything you want it to be when it comes to sharing information with your prospective clients. To get started, we recommend creating one beautiful brochure that introduces prospective clients to you, your company and your client experience, so that you can quickly and easily share this information with any new lead that comes your way. 

Once your brochure template is all set up, you'll be able to use this template to quickly and easily send your brochure to prospective clients within a lead record.

When it comes to creating brochure templates in Aisle Planner, you have two options:

Option 1:  Upload Your Own Pre-designed Brochure

To learn how to create a brochure template by uploading your own pre-designed brochure, click here

Option 2: Create Your Brochure From Scratch

To learn how to create a brochure template from scratch, click here.

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