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Tracking Social Media Handles For Your Vendor Contacts
Tracking Social Media Handles For Your Vendor Contacts

Keep track of each vendor's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media links

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Let's face it, social media is the modern day business card and tagging and crediting vendors where credit is due it etiquette to live by. 

You can add as many websites and social media URLs as needed, so we recommend that you use the first field for each contact's main website, then use additional fields for social media.

Here's a walk-through on adding social media handles to a vendor contact record within a project, and while this example shows you how to add social media handles within a project, adding them to the contacts in your Contact Library follows the same steps!

✓ STEP ONE: Click into a contact record and then click the world icon to add a SOCIAL LINK.

✓ STEP TWO: Click on ADD SOCIAL LINK and choose from the dropdown menu which type of link you'd like to add.

✓ STEP THREE: The prefix of the type of social media link will populate, so all you need to do is add the user name to complete the URL. Either leave the Type clear, or you can add a custom entry to help you identify this link more clearly in this contact view. 👍🏼

👍 THERE YOU HAVE IT! You have now added social media links to your vendor contact record!

🙌 But wait! That's not all!

Take a peek over at the CONTACT SHEET tab and you'll now notice a column for social media links that, if clicked, will take you to that vendor's social media page. 

In addition, when you DOWNLOAD CONTACTS AS PDF, you will now see the social media URLs listed as well. Best thing is they are now live links that when clicked, will take you to a new browser window full of social media goodness. Now when you submit to publish your awesome wedding or photo shoot, social media information is right there and just a click away.

Adding Social Media to your Lead and Client Records

Did you know you can also now add social media URLs to your Lead and Client records?? Just click into the lead or client record and follow steps 1, 2, and 3 above!

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