Once guests have been added to your guest manager, we make it easy to add them to additional events. To add guest to another wedding related event, such as the rehearsal dinner:

First, select the event you’d like to add guests to.

Next, click on the ADD GUEST button towards the top left. A list of all guests who are in the system but have not been added to this event will appear. Click on each guest name to add them to this event.

Once you’ve created a guest list for additional events beyond the ceremony+reception, you can easily download the list by selecting the appropriate guest list towards the top of your guest manager (using the drop down menu) and then clicking on the gold export button towards the top right to download that view.

Important Things To Note

Adding new guests who aren't already entered into the guest manager to ANY event, like the rehearsal dinner) will automatically add them to the wedding (ceremony+reception) so if a guest isn't invited to the main event, you'll want to navigate to that event and manually remove them from that guest list. 

Also note, adding guests to the main guest list for the wedding (ceremony+reception) does not automatically add them to other wedding-related events.

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