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Removing Pages from a Wedding Website
Removing Pages from a Wedding Website
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Each wedding website comes with the option of five pages, listed below. While the home page cannot be hidden, if you don't need any of the additional four pages, you can just leave them blank - we won't show any pages that haven't been populated with information!

Same goes for certain sections within each page - any fields without any data will not be shown on your published website.  

The Home Page
The Home Page includes your selected hero photo, and sections for the following: 

  • Your Story

  • The Engagement

  • An Intro About the Wedding Day

These sections are completely optional, and any sections that aren't populated won't appear on your published website once it goes live.  

The Events is the perfect place to list all of your events, along with (optional) additional information for each, including date, time and location.

To remove an event, hover to the right of the “+” and click on the trash can icon. A modal will open to confirm removal of the item.

Travel Info
The Travel Info page is a great place to share everything and anything travel related for your guests - your out of town guests will especially appreciate having a cheat sheet to make their trip to your wedding even more amazing.  Feel free to get creative!  

Here's some ideas:

  • Recommended hotels

  • Hotel room block or group travel discount code information

  • Things to do 

  • Places to eat

Check out this example wedding website's travel info page here.

To remove an event, hover to the right of the “+” and click on the trash can icon. A modal will open to confirm removal of the item.

Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery is a great place to upload images of your life together. To upload your images, just click on the gold Add Images button, then select your images to upload. Once your images have been uploaded, you can always click the gold Reorder Images button, then drag and drop images into the order you'd like them to appear.  When you're done, click Done.

Gift Registries
Make it easy for your guests to find where you've registered for gifts and share them on your wedding website. You can list ALL of your registries here, just be sure to include:

  • The Registry Name 

  • Registry URL - include your custom URL if your gift registry has provided one, to make it easy for guests to find your registry

  • Description - while this description is completely optional, it may be helpful to include additional information for your guests, such as where they can shop your registry "online and in-store" or how they can find your registry, which can be especially helpful if the gift registry didn't provide a custom / specific URL for your online registry - for example, "You'll find our registry listed under Bethany James and Will Forde, August 20, 2020"

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