Curious to know how your clients are finding you? Customize and manage your lead sources by adding them into your lead settings.

To get started, head on over to the Settings tab and click on Leads, then scroll down to the Lead Sources section, then click on the gold Manage Lead Sources button. 

To add your first Lead Source, click on the gold + Add New and then type in your lead source. You can add as many lead sources as needed to help you effectively track where your leads are coming from. 

We'll walk you through these steps in this short video below!

Need ideas to help you get started?

Your answers to these questions below will help you get started on your custom list of lead sources: 

Where are you advertising or promoting your services?  
Are you on any preferred vendor lists?
Are you active on social media, such as instagram or pinterest?

Additionally, you'll also want to include some basic lead sources, such as "internet search" or "google search,"  as well as "referral" or "word of mouth."


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