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Setting Up Your Booking Workflow with Custom Lead Checklists

Kick off Lead Manager Workflow Automation By Creating Custom Lead Checklist Templates

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Keep track of your booking workflow by creating and assigning custom lead checklist templates to each lead within Aisle Planner. 

Lead checklist templates are a great way to create specific workflows so you never miss a beat when setting consultations and following up with new leads. You can create one checklist for all of your leads, or—if your booking workflow or process differs based on the service a new lead is inquiring about—
you can create as many lead checklist templates as you'd like and easily map them to the services you offer so they automatically populate when a new lead comes in.

When a lead comes in, this automation will create lead checklist tasks based upon your templates and preferences.

To get started, you'll first want to create your custom lead checklist. Head on over to the Settings tab from your pro dashboard and then select Templates. From there, select the lead checklist option from the menu towards the left side of your screen.

We've created a sample default lead checklist that you can use to customize and create your own, OR you can create your lead checklists from scratch. 

If you're not sure which option to start with, we recommend starting with the default AP template provided, and customize from there to more closely align with your personal booking process. The goal here is to document your booking process from start to finish, so you and your team have a clear cut roadmap to follow and keep track of what's been done and what's left to do. 

The first thing you'll want to do is give your new template a name.  If your booking workflow is generally the same for all new inquiries, create a layout and name it with your company's name.  If your booking process is different for each of the services you offer, create templates for each and name it based on your service each one is tailored for. Once you've named your template, click the gold Edit Lead Checklist button.

Lead checklist templates are similar to what you'll find within a project template. You can:

  • Add new tasks

  • Edit existing tasks

  • Delete tasks

  • Include additional details relating to each task

  • Drag and drop to reorder tasks

  • Set due dates based on the date a new lead hits your inbox (or the date a new lead has been added manually to your lead manager)

Once you've created your Lead Checklist Template, you'll be able to manually add any of your templates to any of your lead records -OR- automatically assign lead checklist templates to leads, which you can do from your lead settings tab.  

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