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Tips on Using Aisle Planner on Smartphone or Mobile Device
Tips on Using Aisle Planner on Smartphone or Mobile Device

Five tips to help make accessing AP on the go easier.

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While you won't find a mobile app in the app store just yet, you'll find that most of our features are responsively designed for mobile use!  

If you'll be accessing your Aisle Planner account on your mobile device, here's some helpful tips to make accessing Aisle Planner on the go nice and easy!

Tip 1 :
Take the time to properly set up your account and templates using your laptop or desktop computer.  

From uploading your logo to creating your proposal, contract and invoice templates, customizing your project templates is SO MUCH easier on a laptop or desktop computer.  Once your account is all set up, you'll be able to more easily navigate and make better use of our tools on mobile.

Tip 2:
Add your Aisle Planner login page to your phone or tablet's home screen.

It only takes a minute (literally) to save your custom branded Aisle Planner login web page to your mobile device's home screen so you can quickly and easily access your account. Learn more about how to add your login page here.

Tip 3:
Save your Aisle Planner account login and password to your web browser's keychain.

We know that sometimes the biggest hassle for accessing Aisle Planner and other web-apps on your mobile device is taking that extra step to just login!  Save yourself time and frustration by saving your login and password to your web browser's keychain, which will auto-fill these fields for you, so all you'll need to do is click on the LOGIN button to access your account - which will work on both your laptop/desktop computer AND your mobile devices!

Learn more about saving your login and passwords to your web browser below:

  • Saving your Login & Password on Chrome

  • Saving your Login & Password on Safari

***Please note, your Aisle Planner account may have private and sensitive information, so if you turn on auto-fill for your login and password, we recommend that you turn on touch-ID, face recognition or password to protect mobile access on all of your mobile devices in case your phone is lost or stolen. Learn more protecting your privacy here

Tip 4:
Use the recommended browser for your mobile device.

Not all browsers work the same on all mobile devices, so for the best experience on mobile, we recommend using the following browsers:

iPhone and iPad: Safari
Android and other platforms:  Chrome

Tip 5:
Note that some functionality, tools and features may be limited or not available on mobile.

Due to mobile limitations, some tools and functionalities, such as our layout feature and any drag and drop capabilities within the checklist, budget and seating tools, are not available on mobile.  For these features, we recommend using Aisle Planner on your laptop of desktop computer.

Additional features, such as documents and notes, you'll find easier to use on laptop of desktop. 

Will an Aisle Planner app make your job easier?  

We'd love to know how a mobile app would make it easier for you to get the job done. Send us your feature requests and most compelling argument for a mobile app through the messenger to the bottom right of your screen, or email us at

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