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Does Aisle Planner Have A Mobile App?
Does Aisle Planner Have A Mobile App?
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There is certainly a long list of features still on our development schedule, including an official Aisle Planner mobile app! In the meantime, you'll find that most of our features are responsively designed for mobile use, so you can log in and access your account on your mobile device via your web browser, such as Safari or Chrome. 

Now, when you login to Aisle Planner on any device or screen below 1200 pixels (primarily tablets and phones) you'll notice that the navigation changes to a more mobile web friendly experience. You can access everything in the compressed menus:  pro tools will now be available in the drop down menu next to your profile photo on the left (you'll see a black arrow - just click there) and your user settings menu will be in the three line hamburger style menu to the top right of your account.

If you'll be using Aisle Planner on your mobile device, take a moment to read the following articles to help you make the most of using AP on your smartphone or tablet:

Will an Aisle Planner app make your job easier?  

We'd love to know how a mobile app would make it easier for you to get the job done. Send us your feature requests and most compelling argument for a mobile app through the messenger to the bottom right of your screen, or email us at

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