Merging Multiple Banquet Tables Together

Need to create one long table? We'll show you how!

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To merge multiple banquet style tables together to create a longer table, just delete the ends of the tables and then move the tables together. We'll walk you through the steps below!

Start with (2) 6x30 tables with a total of 8 chairs on each table (adjust the table size as needed):

Select the table you want to delete the chairs from:

The click on a chair you want to delete, hold down SHIFT and select the other chair you wish to delete:

Click delete - you can use your keyboard's delete key or delete any selected item on your layout by clicking on the trash can icon located towards the top left of your layout:

Do the same for the other table:

Finally move the tables together. You may need to hold down CONTROL to get the tables to butt right up to each other.

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