We've provided many content options, including content blocks and various question types to allow you to create the perfect questionnaire to suit your needs:  

Content Blocks

Text Blocks

Allows you to include formatted introductions, paragraphs and other text related content within your questionnaire. 

Image Block
Allows you to personalize your questionnaire by adding images, pre-designed collages and visual section headings into your questionnaire.

Page Breaks
Allows you to define page breaks within your questionnaire.

Question Types

Short Text Answers

Allows you to collect short open-ended answers from respondents

Allows you to collect longer open-ended answers from respondents

Dropdown Question
Allows respondents to choose one answer choice from a list of choices presented in a dropdown menu

Choose one
Allows respondents to select one answer from a defined list of choices.

Multiple Choice Question
Allows respondents to select multiple answer from a defined list of choices.

Date Select Question
Allows respondents to select a date 

Yes/No Question
Allows respondents to answer with a yes or no response.

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