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Disabling Tools or Features in a Project
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When it comes to planning a project or event in Aisle Planner, there might be times when you don't need every tool in the toolshed, so we provide you the option to disable any tools you don't need or won’t be using.  

Why might you want disable features within a project? We can think of a few good reasons:

  • You may not need the budget for a month-of planning client.

  • You might prefer to use your own timeline outside of Aisle Planner and won't be making use of the built-in timeline feature. 

  • You're planning your booth for an upcoming bridal show, and don't need to the guest manager or website feature.  

In any of these scenarios, disabling the tools you don't need will streamline your project's tool bar to only show the tools you'll be making use of.

To disable any tools, just uncheck them when you're creating a new project.

Disabling or Enabling Tools or Features After You've Created a Project

Once you've created a project, you can always return to this project’s Settings menu via your Project Index to enable tools should you need them down the road. You can also disable any tools you may no longer be needing in the same manner as above.

To access Project Settings from your Project Index, hover over the project and click on the gold SETTINGS link that appears. Scroll down to the Settings, make your adjustments and your changes will automatically be saved.

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