Reordering Checklist Tasks

Drag and Drop to order checklist items

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To reorder checklist tasks, simply drag and drop them to the order in which you want them shown. Reordering tasks by drag and drop can be done in all checklist views. Here's more information on each below!

In Category View

You can drag and drop checklist items within any category or between categories to move them from one category to the next.  This is especially helpful if you want tasks shown in a specific order within a category, OR if you want to move priority tasks to their own area.  

In Due Date View

You can drag and drop checklist items to rearrange them within a specific time frame. You can also drag and drop items to a different time frame to change the time frame in which a certain task should be completed - when you drag a checklist item to a new time frame, we'll automatically adjust that time frame for you!

In Assignment Overview

Tasks shown beneath each person in the Assignment Overview View will appear in the order in which they were assigned, regardless of due date. It's designed to provide the most flexibility, so you can drag and drop tasks shown beneath each person to help prioritize as needed. 

We'll eventually be adding the option so sort by due date or time frame down the road as we look at ways of making your tasks event easier to manage. We can't wait!

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