Intro to Email Templates

Set-up as many email templates as you like to easily and quickly send emails without the need to search for personalized details.

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On a mission to help you manage everything in one place, our email templates feature provide a single place to store all the emails you use time and time again so you're not starting from scratch each and every time. With the option of quickly dropping in merge fields, you can personalize your emails without needing to search lead or client records for specific information.

Creating Your Email Templates

To create your first email template, head on over to the Business Settings Icon menu, which you'll find towards the top right of your Pro Dashboard and follow the steps below!

Step 1: Head on over to your Templates

Click on the Templates tab towards the top of your screen and select the Email option, which you'll see on the left.

Step 2: Select an email template folder

Click on the gold Add New button, then choose a folder you'd like this email template to live in.

Pro Tip: We've pre-populated the areas you'll be able to use these email templates to help get you started, so select the folder that best suits when you would use this particular email template, such as when sending a brochure.

If you choose the wrong message type, not to worry, you can easily change it at anytime under the Message Type drop down you'll see in the next screen.

Step 3: Give This New Email Template A Name

The first thing you'll want to do is give your new template a name for future reference. Naming your templates is important, so you won't have any challenges finding the right template that you need down the road.

Pro Tip: We recommend starting your email template name with what that template is for to help you select the correct template to use when sending an email. Templates are automatically shown alphabetically, so following this general rule of thumb will keep your templates organized. Here's an example:

Contract - full service

Contract - month of planning

Invoice - for payment

Invoice - past due follow up

Questionnaire - ceremony

Questionnaire - design

Questionnaire - getting started

Step 4: Add In Your Content

Create your email subject and type in your email. To add merge fields, choose from the Merge Fields drop down menu.

Pro Tip: Making sense of merge fields

If the merge field starts with “Email,” the data is pulled from the name associated with the email address. If it begins with “Lead,” the data is pulled from the lead record. In addition, if it starts with “Client,” the data is pulled from the client record from within the client’s project. Finally, if the merge field starts with “Project,” the data is pulled from the project settings. Learn where to use merge and input fields here.

Step 5: Save Your Work

Once you've completed your template, click on the gold Done button to go back to your email template index page.

Using Your Email Templates

Once you’ve created your email templates, you can start using them right away. Anytime you send a brochure, proposal, quote, contract, invoice, questionnaire or studio share (notes, style guides and color palettes) you'll be able to select from your saved email templates. Click on Choose Email Template and make a selection from the drop down menu.

Once you select your email template, the email message window will automatically populate. At this point, you can personalize your email further and make additional edits to the email before sending. When you're done, hit send!

Pro Tip: Even if you're in a rush, take a moment to READ through your email before sending to be sure that you've selected the right template. Also, take the time to add a little personalization for a nice touch. Your clients will love you for it. 💕

More Questions?

We've created a wealth of resources and answers to frequently asked questions about all our features here in our help center. Still need more guidance? Reach out to us through the messenger towards the bottom right of your screen, or email us at

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