Voiding a Proposal or Contract

Learn how easy it is to void a proposal or contract at any stage of its lifecycle.

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There are many reason why you may need to void a proposal or contract and with Aisle Planner, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here are the steps you need to take to void a proposal or contract at any stage:

View the proposal or contract you wish to void.

In the gold action box located in the upper right corner, select the VOID DOCUMENT option.

PRO TIP: If the document has not been signed by at least one of your clients, you also have the option to Delete the document. Once it's been signed, you will only have the option to Void.

Click and confirm you would like to void the document. The action cannot be undone, but a copy of the voided document can be made if necessary to be edited and sent again.

Once a proposal or contract has been voided, if your client attempts to view the document, the document will appear with a watermark across the page.

Need to edit a proposal or contract that's already been sent? 

Find out how to create a copy and send a new edited version here.

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