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Editing a Proposal or Contract That has Been Sent
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Now editing a sent proposal or contract has never been easier. With a click of a button, we will automatically void and create a new version of the document you sent to your client so all you need to do is Click, Edit, and Send.

While viewing the proposal or contract you wish to edit, click in to the gold action box and select EDIT AND RESEND.

This will void the current document and create a new version of the document. You will be prompted to rename the document if you wish to do so:

Make the edits to your contract as necessary. Be sure you add in an expiration date, if desired.

After clicking back in the gold action box, simply choose SEND to resent to your client with a note.

The status of the old version will appear as VOIDED and will have a watermark across that version if your client attempts to view it.

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