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Changing Your Currency Setting In A Project
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To change the currency settings on an existing event or project, visit your Project Index, hover over the project and select the SETTINGS option that appears on hover to open your Project Settings.

In the Project Settings modal, scroll down towards the bottom of the menu and choose your currency for that project or event. Click anywhere outside of the currency field to automatically save your changes.

Updating your currency here will not affect other projects.

While this will change the currency symbol for a specific project, if you need to update the currency default for your account, return to your pro dashboard and click SETTINGS, then choose your default currency from the drop down menu. This will set the currency preference for all new projects that you create moving forward.

Please note, updating the default currency in your overall account will not affect existing projects or events, just new events moving forward. 

What currencies does Aisle Planner Support?

Aisle Planner powers businesses in over 50 countries across the globe and is proud to support the following currencies within our suite of tools.

Australian Dollar
Bahamian Dollar
Barbadian Dollar
Bermudian Dollar
Brazilian Real
British Pound Sterling
Canadian Dollar
Cayman Islands Dollar
Chinese Yuan
Croatian Kuna
Curacao – Netherlands Antillean Guilder
Danish Krone
Ghanaian Cedi
Guatemalan Quetzal
Hong Kong Dollar
Hungarian Forint
Indonesian Rupiah
Japanese Yen

Lebanese Pound
Malaysian Ringgit
Mexican Peso
New Zealand Dollar

Norwegian Krone
Romanian Leu
Singapore Dollar
South African Rand
Swedish Krona
Swiss Franc
New Taiwan Dollar
Thai Baht
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

US Dollar

Are you in need of a currency that we don’t yet support?  Please send us your request HERE!

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