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Can I Bulk Assign Checklist Tasks To My Client?
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We don't yet have the option to bulk assign tasks, however will be adding this capability down the road. Please note that we recommend that you only assign a handful of tasks to a client, and only assign something to the client if you, as the planner, aren’t involved in it.  This way, your clients don’t get overwhelmed, and you can keep them focused on the actionable items that need to happen to keep the planning or design process moving forward.  Assign an item in the checklist once it becomes an actionable item, as you proactively walk them through the planning process.

That said, we don’t recommend that you go through the entire checklist and assign dozens of things to your clients at once. If checklists aren’t actionable just yet, keep them unassigned, so they don’t appear in a client’s personal list of to-dos yet.

However, if there are tasks that you aren’t involved in whatsoever, these are great things to assign to a client at any time.

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