Spreadsheets provide a wealth of information about your business. They can provide you with an overview of your leads, bookings, and conversion rates. When you download your lead records, you can use the information provided and run your own reports in any way you wish. In addition, exporting your leads gives you a back-up of the existing leads stored in your Aisle Planner account.

→ Step One.

From your lead manager, click on the gold action box in the upper right hand corner.

→ Step Two.

Click on the DOWNLOAD LEADS button.

→ Step Three.

Nice work! You're all done. Now just open your newly downloaded file. 😎

**It's important to note, that at this time, custom lead questions will not be included in your download.

So what can you do with this data dump of information, anyway?

Glad you asked.

  • Organize your leads based on any column header in a way that makes the most sense for your business

  • View leads based on where they are in your booking funnel by clicking on the corresponding tab in your workbook

  • Save a portion of it as a .csv file and upload it into your favorite online invitation service

  • Take the data and run with it! Produce your own reports based on the information provided

  • Share with other teammates to discuss during weekly meetings

Don't see the option to download?

Reach out to the account owner and ask about download permissions.

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